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5 Jan

Some of the reasons why it’s hard to deal with friends and family for a mortgage


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Some of the reasons why it’s hard to deal with friends and family for a
– The relationship between you is friendly and they don’t see you as the
professional you are: we are professionals licensed and trained and having
continuous education requirements from the financial council we have to follow to
stay up-to-date with the last trends and products knowledge.
– Fear of disclosing personal and or individual financial information which they
believe may change the way you look at them or trust issues: Mortgage is a highly
regulated industry and all information collected is for your professional purposes only
to provide the best options available for your particular needs.
– Misinformation: Most people think that the mortgage agent/broker only deals with private lenders. We deal
with different lenders, including your A bank, to offer a variety of solutions to diverse
types of customers.
– Failure to provide all vital information during the discovery meeting so that we can
immediately provide you with the best lender and the best rate that corresponds to
your plans and thus accelerate the process of achieving your dream of owning a
– As a last resort we can always help you indirectly by recommending our
colleagues who are just as qualified as us to support you in the realization of your life